The Miracles of Jesus

The Miracles of Jesus


Miracles_of_JesusBeginning with the first painting on the right-hand side:

“The wedding at Cana,” John 3:1-10

“Healing of the Woman with Hemorage for Twelve Years,” Mark 5:25-28

“Healing of the Man who was Deaf,” Mark 7:32-37

“Calming the Waves,” Luke 8:22-28

“Restoring Sight to the Blind Man,” Luke 18:35-43

The Lamb of God at the top of the arch.

“Curing saint Peter’s Mother-in-Law,” Matthew 8:14-16, Mark 2:30-31, Luke 4:38-39

“Exorcism of the Young Man Possessed of the Devil,” Matthew 9:32-33

“Walking on the Water,” Matthew 14:29-32

“Return of the Lepers,” Luke 17:1-19

“Raising Lazarus from the Dead,” John 12:1-45